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Standard of “Epagneul Breton” – 1923

Standard of “Epagneul Breton” – 1923 

General aspect: minimum 45 cms, maximum 50 with a tolerance of 2 cms above for males. short in loin, rounded skull , tight lips, muzzle a bit pointed. 
Ear attached fairly high, flat hair on body, type Cob, tail no more than 10 cms.
Nose; dark brown or pink, according to the coat colour.
Defects: black and shiny, narrow.
Lips: fine, the upper lip fitting closely to the bottom one.
Defects: thick and loose.
Muzzle: medium length, narrowing slightly towards the nose.
Defects: too short or too long.
Skull: medium length, rounded, lateral head planes marked and rounded, stop marked but sloping gently.
Defects: square, narrow, round, too much stop
Eyes: Dark brown, alert and expressive.
Defects: too light, mean looking.
Ear: Attached high, rather short than long. Slightly rounded, a bit of hair on top.
Defects: set low, big, wide or frizzy
Neck: medium length, well set on shoulders.
Defects: too long, too thin, stuffy or too close to shoulders.
Shoulders: Slightly oblique and muscular.
Defects: straight or too oblique/
Chest: Deep, descending fully to the elbow, ribs well rounded, wide.
Defects: narrow, not descended, slab flanks.
Back: Short, never dipped.
Defects: long ot dipped.
Loin: Short, wide and strong.
Defects: long, narrow, and weak.
Croup: slightly sloping.
Defects: Too straight, too narrow, or falling away too much.
Flanks: medium tuck up.
Defects: fat or hanging.
Tail: straight or hanging down, always short , maximum 10 cms. Often a little bent with a bit of hair at the end.
Front legs: very straight, pasterns slightly oblique, fringes on legs.
defects: pasterns too straight or oblique. lack of fringes.
Back Legs: Wide thigh, well descended, very muscular, hock and and point of buttock in the same vertical line. Fringes, slightly wavy up to mid thigh. Medium bend of stifle.
Defects: thigh too straight, no fringes, too straight or too oblique.
Feet: tight, a bit of hair.
Defects: wide, long, fat, too round, and splayed.
Skin: Fine, not too tight
Defects: thick or too loose.
Coat: liver and white, or orange and white .with preferably some roaning,
Overall: Short coupled and cobby, elegant little dog, very strong, energetic, intelligent, giving the impression of a well bred Cob.



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